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Today's fast paced world of computers and the internet is changing at an ever increasing rate.  Most people, whether they are business or home PC users are finding it more and more difficult to keep track of the current trends and advancements.  That's where we, Ronayne Consulting comes in. 

Whether you want a new PC, repair an existing PC, or possibly breath new life into an older model with a sensible upgrade, we can satisfy your needs.  If you need an internet solution, a Web site or an e-commerce solution, we will exceed your expectations.  Looking at networking an office or home?  We will answer the call and have your PCs speaking the same language. 

We are one of a group of associates that have dozens of years of experience, and more importantly, a love for this business.

Contact us and we'll give you options and ideas for setting up your turn-key store for you!

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