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Is this your first look getting a website? 

We at Ronayne Consulting realize the concept of "Global Marketing" sounds intimidating to small businesses, especially to those we have helped don't even own a PC or have internet service!

Fear Not!  This is not a problem for us. It's an advantage.  One of the greatest assets of Ronayne Consulting is the ability to share knowledge, in a simple and direct manner, enabling even a novice user will feel comfortable.  We'll design, help plan and implement an internet presence.  We also build, service, upgrade and repair PC's and small networks and instruct users as to how to utilize them to their greatest advantage.

We realize the majority of small business owners, or those who would like to be, (on the internet or a brick and mortar), are folks who went to school before PC's were even introduced to the average person,  ( this author included! ).  Many have not been introduced to the ability of clicking of a few buttons to track advertising costs versus sales growth, all types from website to newspaper, so they can plan an effective business model for company growth.

Are Websites just for Big Companies?

We also realize that most small business owners aren't sure why they need a web presence.  The answer is simple.   Advertising is key to any successful business.  Repetition is the foundation of all advertising.  The more impressions the better. You pay good money for those impressions.  Why not increase the effectiveness of the advertising dollar that you are already investing by combining it with a "cyber billboard", bright and colorful, instantly changeable, always ready to send your message, better serve your customer, introduce or reintroduce your services, help find your business, (location location location), and much, much more! 

How many of your present past and future customers are sitting in front of a PC right now cruising the web?  At a click they can see your full color online ad, 24/7.  How much better can you explain what you can do for them with pictures of work you have done, or can do, in a website like this than a Phone book ad?  Not to mention your competition is listed right along side you. Put your website in your very expensive, yet necessary phone book ad, and show them your talent, for much less than that ad cost in most cases!  Make your business cards come to life, and be more useful with a website address on it! An appropriate web site address is easier for most folks to remember than a phone number in a radio or TV ad!   The possibilities go on and on!

Allow us to come to your business and discuss an appropriate web solution for you. Consultation is always free, of course, and you may learn something of value you can use in the future.

We look forward to hearing from you!  This is can be a fun and profitable business, let us show you how!